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When should I start planning to buy a home?

Written by
David Watermeier
September 29, 2022

Planning to buy your first home is the first step it takes to get into your dream home. Preparing for it often takes years for many people to get their finances in order so they can afford the house they want. It isn’t as simple as “save as much money as possible”, taking a direct approach and knowing exactly when and how you can buy a home is very important. A loan officer you can trust will help you on this path by giving you free advice and communicating with you consistently to try and help you achieve your financial goals. People sometimes think that they should just save up an unknown amount of money, and keep working at their job, then eventually they will decide the time is right to buy a home. But what I would strongly recommend is that the moment they realize they want to be a homeowner sometime in the future, they should begin a relationship with a loan officer. No matter how long it takes, we are willing and wanting to give you all the information necessary for you to be a homeowner. We will educate you and help you to clearly understand what it takes to get a mortgage loan to buy a home. So just simply ask yourself the question, Do I want to buy a home ever? If the answer is yes then call, text, or email and let us begin that relationship.

It makes perfect sense that if you’re in college or in between changing your career you don’t feel like it’s important to learn about the home buying process. But for a mortgage loan officer, we will always be happy to help you plan out no matter how far out. For important upcoming life events such as a marriage, or even divorce, that time is usually a great time to begin planning a mortgage loan of some sort. For a marriage, your incomes are added together since you’d likely be co-borrowers and co-signers. Resulting in being able to afford a great home. As for divorces, you would also likely need to speak to a mortgage loan originator. Depending on how the assets are decided upon, you may be needing a cash out refinance, or possibly even selling the home and using the proceeds to afford a new home for each of the divorcees. Whatever your reason is for needing to deal with a mortgage, a loan officer will help you to the best of their ability. So the sooner you know that you will need us the sooner you can get into contact with us.